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To eliminate the toxic matter from the body.
To enhance the power of digestion and metabolism.
To get rid of diseases from the very root out of the systems.
To restore normal health .
To gain the strength, increase the virility and improve the progeny.
To have more clearer complexion.
To increase the power of sense organs and motor organs.


Rheumatic disorders osteo, rheumatic, gouty, psoriatic arthritis

Paralysis mono, hemi, para, quadri plegia

Parkinsonism and Epilepsy

nervine disorders

Gynaecological disorders

cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, dub, dysmenorrhoea

Allergies and Hay fevers

bronchial asthma

Cancer benign and malignant

Skin Afflictions eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo

E.N.T. Diseases tinnitus, hard of hearing, speech disorders, sinusitis

Insomnia & Psychosis sleep disorders

Kidney diseases nephrotic syndrome,urolithiasis chronic renal failures

Digestive diseases reflux oesophagitis, peptic ulcer

Migraine headaches


Yes, Panchkarma is beneficial and effective in cancer and HIV infections.
The treatment of any above mentioned disease is there in Panchkarma management plan in any day of the calendar . Yet by ayurveda way of diagnosis a detailed history is required as regards to history & chronicity of illness, time , country of origin, the constitutional status and the factors should be known to Panchkarma consultant as first hand information to plan treatment according to disease preferably by correct analysis of prevalence and pathogenic stage of one or the three doshas prevalent in the disease and the season as well. The physical environment is mainly based on time and space. The time includes diurnal variation & season variations. The space includes the geographical considerations which is equally important for the person to be treated and one's food habits and life style and at the same time the vegetation and herbs used during the treatment.


The base for health maintenance and disease prevention in Ayurveda is purification. some of the guidelines are given for routine seasonal cleansing practices of Ayurveda and yoga.

Winter to spring : During the juncture of seasons between to spring (APRIL) KAPHA, the bioforce of growth, structure and mucus is aggravated. Ayurveda recommends the method of 'Vamana' (use4 of emetics to induce vomiting other practices include heat elimination therapies, nasya (nasal medication), Exercise, Fasting, less sleeping and Dry Massage.
         In yoga, the main purificatory methods are 'Vamana Dhauti (purification by vomiting),and vastra Dhauti (purification by means of a cloth) other practices used include Neti (Nasal Cleansing) and Kapal-bhati (skull shinning)

Spring To Summer : During the juncture of seasons from spring to summer (june) PITTA, the bioforces of heat , is naturally aggravated. In Ayurveda, the main purificatory practice used is Virechana (purgation and Rakta mokshana (Blood Letting). Massage is also recommended. In Yoga, varisara dhauti or shankha- prakshalana (intestinal washing with saline water) is used. Also nauli (Intestinal churning) and Kapal-bhati are practiced.

Summer To Autumn :  During the juncture of season from summer to Autumn ( october) VATA, the bioforce of movement and dryness is naturally aggravated. In ayurveda Basti (medicated herbal enema) is main purificatory practice recommended. Other practices include oil massage, svedana (sweating) and snehan (oiling ). In yoga, basti (enema ) is also recommended with certain breathing practices and postures to help maintain the balance of the air and movement producing bioforce.

Autumn to winter : During the juncture of season from Autumn to winter (december ) KAPHA, the bioforce of growth and mucus begins to accumulate and vata , should naturally be pacified. None of the bioforces are inherently aggravated. None of the bioforces are inherently aggravated. often, however when an individual's Agni is not balanced it will increase erratically during this time to meet the demands of the cold and diminishing light of winter. This will cause dryness (A vata derangement as well as some pitta disturbance due to the erratically inflaming agni. When dryness become a prominent symptom then Snehan (oiling) in the form of oil massages, oil enemas, nasal medication and increasing essential fatty acids in ones diet can be very helpful.

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