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Let us introduce ourselves as manufacturers of Herbal products used as alternative medicine. In keeping pace with changing global seenario and growing demand for naturopathy and herbal medicines for therapeutic purposes we have herbal extracts, and a range of herbal products and formulations that are preventive, curative, nutritive-without any side effects. 

Herbal supplements or Ayurvedic supplements are specially formulated bearing in mind the environmental variations and differences in culture and lifestyles of particular region. 


Our herbal products, before marketing, are tested by qualified Ayurvedic Doctor-practioners in fully equipped laboratories and a sample survey is carried out on willing patients through our distributors.

All herbal products are approved and licensed to manufacture under Drugs Act. 

DOMESTIC MARKET: (Some of our herbal products on sale)

1.      MANMOHAN POWDER – for removing pimples etc.

2.      KESHKALAP – for hairloss, dandruff etc.

3.      CRACK PACK – for lips and heels.

4.      ARJUN GRANULES – for heart ailments.

5.      VEERYA BANDHU – for virility.

6.      CHITRAK HARITI – for cough, cold and lung infections.

7.      KAMYAB CHURNA – for getting rid of constipation and gases.

8.      BEAUTY QUEEN SOAP – for women

9.      VISHWA SUNDERI TEL – for hair and body massage.

10.  DIA CARE – for diabetes

11.  BODY SLIM – for obesity

12.  XXX – KAAM SHAKTI – for males suffering from potency disturbances.

13.  SAHARA – for males who are 40 plus.

14.  BRESTO PLUS – for women for shapely and sturdy breasts.

15.  WOMEN PLUS (V- TAB) – for vaginal problems.

16.  POWER PLUS – pleasure pills for man. 

The above herbal products are natural, safe without any side effects 


Promotion of positive health and hygiene through natural Ayurvedic supplements by being innovative and providing quick and long lasting relief.

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